In the business lab, we create the bases for smart decisions about corporate opportunities.

In companies, ideas for new products, services or business areas arise almost every day. Some of them have the potential to become the future of the business. But which ones? How do you succeed in pinpointing the best opportunity among the many possibilities? Here, we help you establish the right foundation for decision-making certainty.

In our Business Lab, we support decision-makers in sharpening their ideas and making them actionable. First, we focus on an idea. Then, we develop the business model and the first prototype — and test it. With this efficient, measurable process, we create the basis to be able to make informed decisions about the implementation of any idea.

Together, we clarify the viability of ideas — instead of just talking about them.

What we achieve — in concrete terms

  • Sharpening: Developing the right business model for the idea
  • Specification: Making a vague idea tangible and measurable through a prototype
  • Optimization: Checking for and ensuring market suitability in experiments
  • Validation: Assessing the economic potential of the idea and establishing the strategic fit with the decision-makers
  • Deciding: Making the opportunities and challenges of an opportunity clear, then precisely defining the next steps


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