Brand orientation: the key to success.

We are a growing ecosystem. Owner-managed since our founding. With 140 employees and 4 specialized companies in Steinhausen, Los Angeles, Singapore, New Delhi and Hamburg.


Hotz Brand Consultants demonstrably moves companies forward while moving people and markets, too. We enable you to use your brand to rapidly achieve groundbreaking results in fields that add measurable value to your organization. In this way, we help you systematically and continuously increase the value of your company and your products and services.

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Calydo excels in intelligent communication solutions with measurable impacts. With the right strategy, agile measures and targeted, meaningful content, we help our clients create real relevance and a consistent brand experience along the customer journey. We bring expertise in the fields of digital, mobile, content and data analytics to your organization, supporting you from strategy to implementation.

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gateB is a consulting and implementation company that empowers national and international companies to unlock their digital potential and enable faster and smarter customer and investor relations. With the intelligent use of data and technologies, we transform relevant business processes and generate quantifiable added value for companies and brands.

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Creating long-term value.
hilda unterstützt Unternehmen mit datengestützter Beratung bei der Entwicklung und Etablierung von geschäftsorientierter Nachhaltigkeit − mit Fokus auf die Einzigartigkeit von Geschäfts- und Wertschöpfungsmodellen. Ziel ist es, mit der strategisch gesetzten Nachhaltigkeitsausrichtung die Wettbewerbsposition zu stärken, Mehrwert für alle Stakeholder zu kreieren und gleichzeitig die Zukunftsfähigkeit des Unternehmens langfristig zu sichern.

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FOCUSNEXT is a new initiative from the Brand Leadership Circle that is all about shaping the next generation of our SME clients' business. This can be a generational change in the leadership of the company. The renewal of the business model and organization. Or even the self-determined development of a new growth field.

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